Hi, I'm Andy Shora.

I'm a Front-end Web Developer based in London.

Some Articles

Here's a few things I've written. Follow me @andyshora for my latest articles!

// Here's a few things I work with at the moment...
  { "thing": "React",       "dailyInteraction": 0.9 },
  { "thing": "D3",          "dailyInteraction": 0.9 },
  { "thing": "CSS",         "dailyInteraction": 0.9 },
  { "thing": "WebGL",       "dailyInteraction": 0.8 },
  { "thing": "JavaScript",  "dailyInteraction": 0.7 },
  { "thing": "AngularJS",   "dailyInteraction": 0.5 },
  { "thing": "WebPerf",     "dailyInteraction": 0.5 },
  { "thing": "NodeJS",      "dailyInteraction": 0.5 }

About Me

I work with a bunch of very talented people at QuantumBlack, visualising data in pretty extreme ways! Most of the time I'm making web apps with React + Redux + ES6, and making pretty shapes animate around via SVGs made with D3 and CSS.

I previously worked at R/GA London which allowed me to work for awesome companies like Google, Nike and Apple in the last few years:

I'm always working on side projects, but I'm pretty average so most of them end up in the 80% complete 'app graveyard', or open-sourced on my GitHub. Here are some of the ones I've actually managed to get out of the door:

Say Hello

You can find me here: - Twitter - GitHub - Linkedin